What’s the one simple strategy most Trades overlook on their website? A Call To Action!

What is a Call to Action? It’s a simple, obvious invitation for visitors to do business with you. Does your website have a clear Call To Action?

I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve looked at that have nothing obvious telling me how to do business with them. A lot of business owners spend a ton of money on a beautiful website and advertising to drive customers to the site and then never tell them how to actually make a purchase.

It’s the equivalent of opening up a storefront and then not including staff to run the cash register. Take a look at your website, does it have a clear button telling people what to do next? If not, fix it right now, it only takes a few minutes and you’ll be glad you did.

Your website needs at least one button front and center that says “Buy Now” or “Call Me” or “Schedule a FREE Consultation”.

Let us know how it goes. If you need help just send us an email, we’d be happy to chat.

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