Can an email address really make a difference for your business? The answer is YES!!

It’s time to stop using personal email services for your business. Using emails that end in Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo can hurt how your clients see you professionally. Seriously, you might as well just spray paint your business name on the side of your work truck because that’s how unprofessional it looks!

Email is still one of the most popular ways to connect with customers. You might not realize it, but your email address forms a big part of your companies branding.

Think about this for a second – Where can you find your email address? On your website, your business cards, invoices, company vehicle.. heck, even in your email signature (which you should have by the way).

Most low-cost hosting companies provide you with an email service. If you’re using higher quality service, it won’t come with an email tied in, but it’s only a few bucks extra per month and makes you look that much more trustworthy.

If you want to look like a trustworthy business and not just some fly-by-night contractor, then it’s time to hang up your Gmail address and play with the big boys. Start with a professional “on-brand” email like

You can accomplish this using any of the services we’ve listed below.

Here Are The Top 3 Choices For Contractors When It Comes To Branded Email

  • Microsoft offers its Office 365 service, which provides quality email, all of the MS Office Suite, and runs about $7 Canadian a month per email.
  • Gmail offers a service specifically for a business called GSuite, similar to Microsoft, they also offer access to their own versions of Excel ( Google Sheets), Word (Google Docs), and PowerPoint (Google Slides) and also run about $7 a month per email.
  • If you just need something light for email, Zoho Mail might be right up your alley. They offer a free business email service if you just need to check emails online or through their app, but if you prefer to use your own email software (like apple mail, your iPhone app, or Android) you’ll need to upgrade to the paid service. But at $1 USD per month, there should be no excuse to still be using a Hotmail address!

The bottom line is this – don’t keep using “free” services like Gmail.. it’s unprofessional!

Not sure where to look to get your email straight? Shoot us a message, we’d be happy to chat.

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