I hear it all the time from contractors “A Mobile website doesn’t matter because contractors don’t stare at their phones all day!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that exact statement from a Tradesman. Here’s the thing – who’s viewing your website? Other contractors? Or potential customers!

These days, 52% of the population is pulling out a smartphone to do their research before buying anything. And the first thing they’ll do is Google search for “Your Trade” + “their location”.

52%.. Let’s do some quick math. In Southern Ontario, there are close to 12.78 million people. 52% is over 6 million people pulling out a smartphone. How many of those people might be searching for your service?

Google prefers mobile-friendly web design, those that aren’t designed for mobile will struggle to show up higher in search engine results.

On the off chance that someone DOES make it to your website, if you’re not mobile-friendly they might find it hard to use and leave.

If your competition gives them a better mobile viewing experience than you, who do you think is going to get the sale? Don’t leave money on the table. If you’re not mobile-first, you just might be coming in last.

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