What questions are customers asking others in your Trade over and over?

If you stop to really think about them, you may discover that your customers’ questions are actually objections.

Are you being asked the same questions over and over by customers during the initial call?

How many of those questions are you answering on your website?

Sadly, most Trades avoid putting up a FAQ page, simply because they’re afraid to reveal their “trade secrets”.

But here’s the thing, your customers will find the answers to their questions whether it’s from you, or someone else. So why not put yourself ahead of your competitors and make it you?!

If you’re worried about the competition finding out how you do business, trust me, they already know.. they’re in the same industry.

Having an FAQ page on your website is not only a great way to answer the most frequently asked questions by customers BEFORE they even get to the initial sales call, it can save you time and actually make you more money.

By taking the things that are keeping people from using your business and making them the top 3 questions on your FAQ page, you can overcome your customers objections.

If you don’t know what those objections are, take some time to find out.

There are objections to using your service. Trust me, there are people that will have resistance to doing business with you.

Once you find out what those objections are, answer the top 3 on your website and I promise you, you’re going to see your sales increase.

Need some help putting together a solid FAQ page? Give us a call, we’d be happy to chat.

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