Are you struggling to generate new leads and increase sales in your business?

Do you want to stop losing jobs to your competition?

Well, read on because in this post you’re going to learn 3 quick things you change on your website right now to get that phone ringing.

Did you know that there is a specific formula you can follow on your website homepage?

Most Trades don’t, and it’s exactly why most of them have a website that doesn’t create the sales they’d hoped for.

As a rule of thumb, people should be able to understand what you offer within 5 seconds of viewing your site, if it takes them longer, you’re losing sales.

We call this the grunt test. If you were to walk into a coffee shop and ask a stranger to look at your current website homepage for 5 seconds and then asked them what you do, could they?

If not, these 3 tips are for you. So let’s jump in!

Tip #1 Your website should include and easy to understand tagline

Come up with a tagline for your business and make sure it’s easy to understand. Don’t be cute or clever, be clear! Cute and clever won’t get you the sale.

A few examples are:
• We clean gutters
• Landscaping that will make your neighbours jealous
• We’ll fix those leaky pipes for good

Make sure you’re not using “industry jargon” – just because you know what lawn aeration means doesn’t mean your customer will!

Tip #2 Include an obvious Call To Action front and centre!

A call to action is the equivalent of a cash register in a retail store. Customers know how to purchase their items. So why do so many Contractors make it difficult for potential customers to do business with them?

Tell them what to do next in order to work with you and your phone will ring more.

Examples of clear calls to action include:
• Schedule a call
• Get a quote
• Buy now

Tip #3 Your website should display the success your customers will experience by using your service!

Most contractors include images of their machinery, or things depicting them as an organization. Stop it! Your website shouldn’t be about you!

Show pictures of what life will look like after using your service..

How happy are people after you’ve given them that renovation, or made their lawn the envy of the neighbourhood?

Now capture that in an image, because that’s what you need to show. If you’re not a good photographer, that’s not a problem, there are plenty of stock photography sites with these kinds of pictures.

As you can see, these changes aren’t much, but they will make a world of difference to the people viewing your site. So implement them soon, and that phone will start ringing more.

Download our Free guide “5 Things Your Website Should Include”  for a more in-depth look at changes that you can implement without needing a professional, or to learn more about our services, created just for contractors.

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5 Things Your Website Should Include To Generate Leads & Get More Sales

Don’t waste time sending people to your website if it’s not set up to turn visitors into customers.

Download our free guide and find out the five changes you can make right now so you can increase sales, create fans of your business, and stop losing sales to your competitors.

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